Runway 12L-30R Closed Due Weather


During the last few days there has been very heavy rain at Watts Bridge.
Runway 12L/30R is closed until further notice due to soft surface conditions.

Members and vistors are asked to confine vehicle movements to the formed roadways, as far as is practicable.

Updates will be posted on the Watts Bridge Website as they become available.
For more information contact: Watts Bridge on 0427 699 239

Runway 12R-30L Closed for Maintenance

Runway 12L/30R remains closed to all traffic due to soft surface conditions which have been caused by recent rain.

Runway 12R/30L will remain closed for the next 6 months or so, enabling the cultivation of Bermuda Grass, and give the soil time to settle. We expect to reopen this runway for the 2018 flying season.

Runway 03/21 is not be affected by these works and remains open during the entire period.

All pilots are reminded that normal circuit procedures apply as per ERSA.

Air Chalet ACDC Completed To Lockup

It has been interesting watching Richard Wiltshire almost single-handedly go about building Air Chalet/ Hangar ACDC. With only very limited assistance from outside trades people, Richard, with a little help from his friends, and some creative use of a large scissor lift has erected what can only be described as a most impressive hangar in a remarkably short period of time.

It's so good to see yet more positive investment in the airfield.
Now we're all looking forward to seeing what interesting aircraft Richard houses in his new hangar!!

Runway 12R-30L Maintenance Update

It's now been 8 or 9 weeks since the upgrade work on RWY 12R/30L was completed. Since then the surface has been watered religiously (by both nature and human effort) to encourage the grass seeding to take root, grow and spread.

After a slower start than some folks expected, the surface is now showing a rapidly increasing coverage of existing and new grass seedlings. The summer thunder storms and humid tropical heat has no doubt contributed enormously. Remember that the type of grass planted grows out more than up!!

With at least 4 months until the runway will be reopened - it's all looking good!!

Watts Bridge Annual General Meeting

16th December 2017

The Watts Bridge Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 16th in the AAC-QC Clubrooms. Approximately 50 members were present carrying an additional 30 proxies which is somewhat less than prior years.

Following the presentation of the President's and Treasurer's Reports all management positions were declared vacant and the new Board of Management for 2018 was elected.

Special recognition was made of the exceptional efforts of Liz Cook (ex Secretary) and Cheryl Brown (ex Treasurer) who each served the WBMA Membership for more than 10 years. Cheryl and Liz now join the very select group of Watts Bridge Life Members.

Board of Management

Vice President
Maintenance Officer

James Crockett
Mark Foy
Peter Biddle
Priscilla Smith
Peter Freeman

Airfield Council

AAC-QC Representative
BVSAC Representative
LHA Representative
QWVAA Representative

Brendan Scilini
Peter Ratcliffe
Nick Potter
Gill Vardi

Aeroplanes Can Smell Bacon

12th November 2017

And pilots were lured by the promise of bottomless coffee cups to fly their aeroplanes to the November fly-in Watts for Breakfast?? As always there was a good roll up with 20 something aircraft stretched out down the flight line, keeping the BBQ's sizzling throughout the morning.

There's no denying that Watts for Breakfast has been an unqualified success, bringing together pilots from surrounding airfields in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. A special big vote of thanks to Mark Purdie and his team of tireless volunteers for making it all happen!!

Don't forget to keep an eye on the Calendar of Events for the Watts for Breakfast?? dates in 2018.

Contra Circuit Procedures

The parallel runways (12L/30R and 12R/30L) are now fully operational. With the publication of the August ERSA update, effective the 17th August 2017, contra circuit procedures are now in operation at Watts Bridge.

Pilots are strongly encouraged to download the Contra Circuits Procedures information sheet and the YWSG ERSA extract (shown above) to be fully aware of how to safely join and fly the circuit pattern.

Many many thanks to Gary Clark - creator of The Swamp for the special cartoons illustrating the changes in circuit procedures and possible outcomes of everyone not being fully prepared.

Please support Gary by visiting The Swamp Website at

Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield is strongly committed to a "Fly Neighbourly" policy ensuring good working relationships with other land owners in the district.

Pilots are requested to download the Fly Neighbourly Chart to be aware of and avoid where operationally possible, noise and over-fly sensitive locations adjacent to the airfield.

Download the Fly Neighbourly Chart.

Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield requests that all members and visitors using the airfield's internal roads adhere to the signposted maximum Speed Limit of 20kph.

The Speed Limit maximises safety for all motorists and pedestrians, significantly reduces damage to the airfield's roadways and minimises the generation of dust which has an adverse affect on aircraft, buildings and human health.

Download the Drive Neighbourly Information Sheet.

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