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About the Member's Only Area

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The Member's Only Area is only able to be accessed and viewed by registered forum members.
This allows the free and open discussion of topics which may be of a sensitive management, business or corporate nature, not suited to discussion in the public arena.

Registered forum members may post to existing topics and create new topics of discussion as they see fit.

To gain full access to the Member's Only Area:
  • Registered forum members need only log-on using their Username and Password.
  • If not a registered forum member, financial members of Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield Inc. are encouraged to register to become a registered forum member to gain full access to the Member's Only Area.
Member's Only Area Statistics:
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Member's Only Area - Forums and Topics:
Below is a full listing of all the the current Forums and Topics in the Member's Only Area.
Financial members of Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield are encouraged to follow and participate in discussions regarding the future directions of the airfield.

Management Structure, Constitution & By-laws
  • Welcome to the Airfield Governance Forum
  • Issues with the proposed constitution
  • Who wants to be a Director?
  • Member Engagement
  • Leadership style
  • Survey
  • Association or Company for Watts Bridge?
Air Chalet, Private and Commercial Hangar Site Leases
  • Member input to content of new leasing documents
  • Land Tenure
Membership Restructure - Classes, Fees & Voting Rights
  • Associate Member - Proposal
  • Membership restructure - fees and voting
  • Please explain? WBMA languishes and HBG's flourish!
Maintenance & Improvement of Airfield Infrastructure
  • Welcome to the Maintenance & Improvement Forum
  • Master Plan / Infrastructure Plan
  • Airfield surfacing
Discussion - Watts Bridge Topics
  • Welcome to the Watts Bridge Discussion Forum
  • Liability of members of WBMA
  • Funny or not?
  • Changing circuit directions
  • Gathering of Eagles 2017
  • Thanks - where are they?
  • What is the Vision for the future of Watts?
  • What could be
  • Income stream
  • Join the forum