Welcome to the For Sale, Exchange or Give-away Forum

Members are invited to advertise free of charge
any aviation related items which are for sale, exchange or give-away
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Welcome to the For Sale, Exchange or Give-away Forum

Postby admin » Wed Jan 04, 2017 5:14 pm

Forum members are invited to create and post to topics advertising any aviation related items they have for sale, exchange or give-away. The forum permits the in-line addition of photographs to provide more information about the item(s) on offer.

Contact details and indicative pricing would enhance the prospects of a sale.

Members are asked to delete their "For Sale" postings upon a successful sale or if the item(s) is withdrawn from sale.
If there has been no sale or inquiries within a reasonable time frame, say 3 months, the posting should be deleted so as not to clutter the forum with out of date advertisements.

Postings over 180 days old with no activity will be automatically pruned.