Welcome to the Watts Bridge Member's Forum **READ FIRST**

Welcome to the Watts Bridge Member's Forum.
Introduction, Registration, Features and Rules, Administration.
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Welcome to the Watts Bridge Member's Forum **READ FIRST**

Postby admin » Wed Jan 04, 2017 10:39 am

Greetings to all members of Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield and welcome to the Watts Bridge Member's Discussion Forum 8-)

The Forum invites and indeed encourages all members of the airfield to engage in free, frank and open discussion of every aspect of the the airfield's past, present and future directions. No topics are really off-limits, provided that they are related in some way to Watts Bridge activities or corporate governance. Feel free to discuss important issues such as airfield events, fly-ins and air shows, airfield governance, membership requirements and fees, the constitution and by-laws, home base group activities, airfield maintenance requirements, infrastructure initiatives, future planning, flying, aerobatics, after sunset informal gatherings, the list goes on and on and on!

To paraphrase the Watts Bridge unofficial motto "If it's Aviation : It's Welcome on the Forum"

Although the forum is administered by Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield, the Board of Management (BoM) has stated a very "hands-off" approach, limiting their activity to maintaining the technical aspects of the forum, creating new forums as required and the confirmation of new Member Registrations.

A team of Moderators, independent of the BoM, periodically review the forum posts to ensure the overall goodwill and intent of the forum is maintained and that the posting rules are being adhered to.

Now, if you're unfamiliar with forums the initial impression is likely to be one of being totally overwhelmed. I know I was when I started to set this thing up! There's just so much going on and so many things to click. Just take your time - you can't actually break anything. Experiment and play. To be reading this means you have already made the biggest step, which is to be able to actually read a post on a forum :P

A number of forums have been created for topics which will be of interest to many members. Each forum has a "sticky" "Welcome Post" which outlines the intent and aims of the forum. A good starting point is to simply work through each of the forums reading the "Welcome Post" to get a better feel for what is going on. From there just go for it! Create new topics and get some real discussions underway.

A Sandpit forum has been created so that members can practice and experiment with posting before committing to making a "real post". A comprehensive FAQ prepared by the forum's creators phpBB provides general assistance on most all aspects of the forums features and operation.

That's about it really. Please use the Member's Discussion Forum for what it is intended to provide:
Improved communication and the generation of new ideas for the betterment of Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield.