Mains Power Outage - 2nd April 2019

Energex has advised that there will be planned power outage on the 4th March from 08:00 - 15:00hrs. AVGAS will be unavailable during the power interruption as will the TB1 toilet facility.

100LL AVGAS available at Watts Bridge

Watts Bridge was planned from the outset to provide all that is required and expected at a recreational airfield. Aviation fuel is a "must have" for all powered aircraft.   100LL AVGAS is readily available on the airfield.

VISA or Master Card are accepted at the fuel bowser.

A modern credit card swipe system allows anyone with a VISA or Master Card to purchase AVGAS, without requiring an operator to be on-field to assist. In addition, a carnet card is not required, just an everyday credit card.

Instructions on how to use your Credit Card at the Fuel Bowser
Contact Watts Bridge if additional information is required.