Pitts S-2B VH-LOE

Reasonable offers above A$80,000

  • S/Nr:  5157
  • Year:  1989
  • Manufacturer:  Christen Industries, USA
  • Registration:  VH-LOE
  • Engine:  AEIO-540-D4A5, S/N L-24030-48A, 490 hrs
  • Propeller  3-Blade MT Propeller, MTV-9-B-C/C203-46, factory overhauled Nov. 2016, 25 hrs
  • Airframe:  1,553 hrs
  • Extras:  Smoke system, fairly new KX155 NavCom, new KT76A Fuel Totalizer, spare canopy, plumbing for 200lt ferry tank, 6 in 1 power exhaust, chromed brake discs & hooker harness

VH-LOE received a complete, from the ground up restoration in 2004 at Aerotech in Toowoomba incl. steel- & wood re-enforcements, Ceconit Fabric, modern paint, zero timed engine & new prop, all AD's etc.

It cost us around A$110k and put LOE into a condition "better then new". It was them flown up to Singapore by Mal Beard, and now is hangered at Senai Airport (Malaysia, just across Singapore), where I take it out for the occasional Saturday spin.

It has a fairly new KX155 NavCom (US$ 5.2K), fuel totalizer and comes with plumbing for a 200 Ltr ferry tank and a spare canopy. Besides that, I have newly fitted chromed brake disks, chromed hooker harness, 6-1 power exhaust (for top performance and an absolutely glorious sound) and of course it has a smoke system and 3-blade MT propeller.

The plane is in top nick, and available ex Senai Airport. I would consider any reasonable offer above A$80,000.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Contact: Andreas Horntrich
Phone: +65 9757 8665 (Singapore)
Email: horntrich@alatas.com.sg

Murphy Rebel VH-BHI


  • CoA 2014
  • STOL
  • TTIS 80Hrs
  • Lycoming O-320 E2D 150hp with Vetterman Cross-Over Exhaust
  • Culver Maple 74 x 53 Propeller
  • 44" Wide Cabin with Dual Controls
  • Icom IC-A210, Lights
  • LED Landing, Navigation, Position + Cabin
  • Whelan Strobes
  • AH, DG, Volt/Ammeter, Carburettor Temp, EGT x 4, CHT x 2, MGL FF-1 Fuel Computer, Hobbs Meter
  • Superb ground handling due to excellent forward visibility, differential hydraulic braking, a steer-able Scott 3200 tail wheel, and the wide-stance gear.

Contact: Nick Potter
Email: nikpotter@web.de

at 02:10:00

16.6°C 0kts S 1014.36hPa 90% 0.0mm

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